"A friend's social media post pulls Francis out of a dark place."

This past year, my oldest son, Joshua was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum and ADHD.

We knew his diagnosis would change our lives, but dealing with everything that came with it took a toll on our family, both emotionally and financially. My marriage suffered. I developed a pornography addiction, and even came close to cheating on my wife. It was my lowest point and the furthest I’d ever felt from God.

I saw a glimpse of hope when one of my friends started sharing clips of Pastor Steven's sermons on social media. Before I knew it, I was listening to his weekly podcast. I was finally hearing what God wanted me to hear.

On February 23, 2017, God spoke to me through the sermon, The Power of the Pull. He said, “Francis, right now, I am pulling you out of the mess that you’re in."

God has now given me the desire to pursue my Master’s Degree in Christian Ministry. We are praying to see if God is calling us to move to North Carolina or if we are meant to stay in Texas.

Right now, all we want is to live for Christ and see where God is leading us.

Francis is #eFam Texas.