"God pulled me out of the pit of despair and His forgiveness is for all who seek Him."

Jaime always had a relationship with God, but he struggled with severe depression, anxiety, and obsession and compulsion. They were heavily linked to his battle against drug addiction from five years before. He may have gotten over his addiction, but the problems didn’t stop.

Once on antidepressants, Jamie was doing well, so his doctor tried to take him off his medication. Unfortunately, his symptoms returned only two weeks later.  

He ended up relapsing and returning to his addiction after five years of sobriety.  

The depression and anxiety only worsened as he turned to drugs to help him cope, trying to escape his depression with substance abuse.

Eventually, the addiction became too much for him. His depression was crippling and, despite trying to suppress his anxiety with drugs, he only grew worse. He couldn’t even face himself in the mirror anymore.

Jaime couldn’t live with the self-hatred, guilt, and shame anymore. All he could think about were the people he let down, including himself. He had surrendered his nursing license because of his addiction; and he knew he was wasting the gifts God had given him.

Becoming so hopeless and not seeing a way out, he attempted to take his own life. It was his third suicide attempt.  

While recovering from his suicide attempt, Jaime focused on prayer and took morning walks with God while he was in rehab. Jaime listened to worship music and sermons during these walks which led Jaime to Pastor Steven’s sermons.

The first sermon YouTube suggested to him was “When Anxiety Attacks.” Clearly, this was no accident. He began listening to code orange sermons, but now regularly feeds his heart and mind with Pastor Steven’s sermons.

Jamie now says that, "Addicts crave forgiveness," and that Christ's forgiveness was really what he needed all along.

While Jamie realizes that his mental illness is medically out of his hands, he’s surrendered it to God and now receives the help he needs to fulfill the purpose God has for his life.