"From the moment I connected with my team, there was such a sense of relief and comfort."

From the moment I connected with someone from Elevation, my life has been changed. For the past two years, I've been in a really dry season. It seemed like God pulled me away from everything and everyone I loved (except for my husband and children). As a marine corps spouse, I'm used to moving away from close friends and family, but this time felt different. It felt like God was preparing me for my next season.

After doing some church hopping late last year -- which is normal for military families -- I decided to try out online church options. I came across one of Pastor Steven's sermons online and kept going back for more. I'm a HUGE foodie so I would say my hunger for more of Pastor Steven's spiritual food was like my natural appetite. I was starving to understand what was going on with me and needed people who understood me, loved me unconditionally, and could connect with me on every level. I donated to Elevation after being convicted when one of Pastor Steven’s sermons mentioned being a contributor, not just a consumer.

I was shocked when the online pastor Chad Zollo reached out with a very personal email. It was unlike the typical, standard “thank you” emails you receive when you donate to churches. He asked how I was doing, what made me reach out to Elevation, why I continued to watch, where I was from, and how he could pray for me. After going back and forth a few times (which was cool since it was unexpected and he was so responsive), I offered to help.

When he mentioned the online team, I signed up for e101 with the lovely Megan Rosales. I got connected to the Online Welcome Team with the equally lovely Justin Rosales. From the moment I connected with my team, there was such a sense of relief and comfort. I felt lighter. In my daily life, I've had to put on a happy face despite feeling broken or overwhelmed. But with Elevation, I could truly relax and release and know that I would still be loved no matter what.

There are many defining moments with serving online, but I must say my favorite part is hearing all of the amazing and transformational stories from the new believers in Christ. As a team, we get to share the stories and they often leave me with goosebumps. I love knowing that our prayers and calls help turn people back to Christ and back to living out their purpose. I love that we can stay connected to them; it's not just us reaching out to pray and letting them go. It's constantly pouring into them and loving them the way Christ loves the church. It’s the way He wants us to love each other.