"Elevation Church really helped me find out my passion, that helps me fulfill His [God’s] purpose and to work for it diligently."

Pathanamthitta Kerala, India. Not only is that Shiny Shaji’s home, but it’s where she attends Elevation from.

Shiny was a sophomore in college when a friend told her about Elevation. She began watching on YouTube during the “Meant To Be” series. For the first time, she felt like someone was equipping her to apply godly living in a way that made sense to her.

Shiny always struggled with keeping her emotions in check. She had no control over her feelings and often became depressed over trivial things. But, during the series “Moodswingers,” she felt God tell her that it was okay to have those emotions, but it wasn’t okay to let them control her.

She realized that, if she wanted to grow in her faith, she’d have to learn how to be, as Jesus said, “of good cheer.”

After watching for almost three years, Shiny desperately wanted to participate in Elevation Church. She applied for internship positions, but eventually discovered Online eTeams and instantly started serving with her whole heart.

Shiny knows God has completely changed her through serving on the Welcome Team. She loves being surrounded by positive people and has seen her confidence grow. Shiny admits that she used to be lazy about her work, but being able to be a part of what God is doing has made her into an energetic worker.

By serving on the Welcome Team, Shiny now has a channel to help connect others to God. Her newfound confidence has encouraged her to produce in other ways, too. She now does translations for the YouVersion Bible App into her native language, Malayalam.

Shiny has a desire to be in ministry. She used to believe she needed to wait for marriage to walk along that path, but now she knows that God can use you in any season of your life.